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Automotive Cable-GPT, SXL, GXL, Battery Cable, Boat Cable

Bare Copper -Soft Drawn, Hard Dawn, Solid, Stranded, Braided, Tinned Coated Bare,  QQW343 Flat & Round Braid

Building Wire - TW, THW, THHN, XHHW, XLP/USE, EP, UF, SER, SEU, URD-S, Aluminum, Copper

Control Cable - VN-TC, XL-TC, EP/CPE, Composite Cables, Festoon and Pendant Cable. interlock armored

Coaxial Cable - CATV, Mil Spec

Data Cable - Category 5E, 6 Fiber Optic Cable, Patch Cables

Direct Burial Telephone Cable - REA Specifications

Diesel Locomotive Cable - 600V, 1KV, 2KV ER/CPE

Electronic Wire & Cable - Alpha, Belden, Shielded, Plenum, Non-Plenum, Magnet Wire.

Fiber Optic Cable - Multimode, Single Mode, Indoor/Outdoor, Plenum Rated, Jumper Cable Assembles

High Temperature Wire - SRML, TGGT, MAGS, MGT, Teflon Lead Wire, SIS

Instrumentation Cable - Pairs, Triads, Armored, Direct Burial.

Mining Cable - Type W, Type GGC, Type SHD-GC, Mine Power Feeder, Drill Cord. Pump Cable.

Portable Cord -  SJ, SJOO-WA, SO, SOOWA, SJEO, SEO, Stage Lighting Cable, STO, SJTO, SVT.

Power Cable - 5KV, 8KV, 15KV 100%  -133% ins. level, Armored, Direct Burial Rated. 5-15KV Jumper Cable, Clear Ground Cable

Security Cable - CMR, CMP, Shielded, Non Shielded, Fire Alarm, Parallel & Round, False Alarm Wire

Special Constructions - Any type cable custom manufactured to your specifications.

Teflon Hook Up Wire-UL1213, UL1180, UL1199, PFA, FEP, PTFE, Mil Spec

Thermocouple Wire - JX, KX, TX, RX, High Temp, Shielded and shielded pair, Solid, Stranded, Tray cable rated, Extension Grade, Special Limits of Error.

Welding Cable - 600V, Neoprene, Extra-Flexible

UL & CSA Hook Up Wire - UL1007, UL1015, UL1569, MTW/TEW.


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